Harry Bairstow.


Elixir & Rust enthusiast.

Conference Speaker.

Venture Research.

In a Nutshell.

Before I explain my life story, here are 3 things about me you might be interested in.


👋🏻 Hey, My name is Harry Bairstow and I'm a 17 years old Software Engineer from the UK. While I could write you a paragraph about my work experience I might as well just give a tl;dr and focus on what matters.

tl;dr I've worked for 6 years in the tech industry and currently I'm a Venture Research Consultant for
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So, who actually am I? Aside from enjoying my work - both professionally and personally - I study Electronics, Computer Science and Maths at Sir John Dean's Sixth Form College in the UK. When I'm not revising or finishing my homework I enjoy spending time with my friends, research new and interesting areas and uniquely flying hot-air balloons.

Now that you know a bit about me, feel free to keep scrolling an take look into my experience and accolades.



Dec 2023 Present

Research Contractor


At Felicis I help source companies from various channels and provide insights into active and growing tools in the wider development ecosystem. This is accompanied by detailed reports on specific companies which are being considered by various partners throughout the company.


Jun 2022 Sep 2023

Distributed Systems Engineer

I joined WalletConnect as an intern for the Summer of 2022 on the Cloud Team. While in this role I rolled-out a new authentication solution to support SIWE as well as retaining backwards compatibility with the existing authentication solution. After that I returned to college while continuing part-time and helping to found the new Rust team. In this role I worked on the core relay which powered 1,000,000+ concurrent websockets and distributed it across 3 different AWS regions. While working in this role I also wrote the protocol's push server implementation in rust. I was also responsible for liaising with different customers of the push notification protocol from small wallets to Fortune 500 companies.


Jul 2022

Work Experience

During my penultimate year at Sandbach Boys School, I spent 3 days working in person with the CBNExpert team; during this time I assisted with client meetings and helped to start a new product within their product suite. After my placement finished, I have continued on the team as a Staff Software Engineer leading the development of Swift.eco building every component from a highly reliable API to a fully featured web application for the product.

Freelance Software Engineer

Jun 2019 Jun 2022

As a freelance engineer, I worked with a verity of clients from all around the world building everything from complex integrated billing solutions to chat bots for Discord. For the 2 years I was freelancing I completed a new project almost every week - all while completing my GCSEs. Each project was fully documented, tested and deployed for the client on unique hardware each time.


Sir John Dean's Sixth Form College

Sep 2022 Jul 2024


Currently I attend SJD, while there I've become an active member of the student body from running a weekly Cyber Security Club to helping the lower years with homework assignments. My predicted grades are available below and I'm on track to achieve these results during my exams which start in 30 days.

Computer Science, A*

Electronics, A*

Maths, A

Sandbach Boys School

Sep 2017 Jul 2022


I completed my secondary education at Sandbach Boys School, while there I studied a range of subjects and achieved a set of results I was proud of - see below. Other than my academic achievements, I was a member of my school's cadet force reaching the rank of Corporal. I even took a team from my Cadet Force to a national Cyber Security competition and won!

Computer Science, 9

Maths, 7

Science, 7-6

English Literature, 6

English Language, 5