Harry Bairstow.


Elixir & Rust enthusiast.

Conference Speaker.

Venture Research.



Dec 2023 Present

Research Contractor


Jun 2022 Sep 2023

Distributed Systems Engineer

I joined WalletConnect as an intern for the Summer of 2022 on the Cloud Team. While in this role I rolled-out a new authentication solution to support SIWE as well as retaining backwards compatibility with the existing authentication solution. After that I returned to college while continuing part-time and helping to found the new Rust team. In this role I worked on the core relay which powered 1,000,000+ concurrent websockets and distributed it across 3 different AWS regions. While working in this role I also wrote the protocol's push server implementation in rust. I was also responsible for liaising with different customers of the push notification protocol from small wallets to Fortune 500 companies.


Jul 2022

Work Experience

I spent 3 days working in person with the CBNExpert team; during this time I sat in on meetings with clients and helped to start a new product within their product suite.